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Research Topics

Bio-inspired smart metamaterials for biomedical and soft-robot applications

Develop smart metamaterials stimulated by biochemical, chemical and electromagnetic processes for tissue engineering and bioinspired locomotion.

This line of research focuses on synthesizing smart materials based on hydrogels and biopolymers capable of responding to external stimuli such as pH, ions or electromagnetic fields, for the design of metamaterials and new bio-inspired locomotor strategies that generate soft robots. In addition, we will develop bioactive metamaterials capable of stimulating specific cellular responses for their application in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Materials Engineering; Chemical engineering; Biotechnology; Physics; Mechanical Engineering.

Geometrical design of novel auxetic and allosteric metamaterials

Design and develop new mechanical auxotetic and allosteric metamaterials.

This line of research focuses on designing and developing smart mechanical metamaterials using the basic principles of condensed matter physics, such as band theories, geometric and topological phases, and critical behaviors, to control their mechanical response. In addition, we will develop evolutionary design tools that can predict and accelerate the study of metamaterials.

Materials Engineering; Chemical engineering; Physics; Mechanical Engineering.

Wave propagation in soft elastic metamaterials for vibration absorption and energy harvesting

Develop smart metamaterials with unusual vibration and wave propagation properties for applications in mechanical isolation and energy.

This line of research focuses on studying the propagation of elastic waves in mechanical metamaterials in theoretical, numerical and experimental form. We seek to control its behavior through the smart use of external excitations such as electromagnetic fields, heat or others. These metamaterials will be applied in mechanical isolation (for example, panels that can suppress the propagation of waves and vibrations in a certain range of frequencies) and energy (for example, energy collection systems through vibrations).

Materials Engineering; Chemical engineering; Physics; Mechanical Engineering.